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Comenius Meeting in Venice  (May 03 - 07-2009)  German

Comenius meeting in Venice

Venice. A city known as a destination for those interested in culture, for romantics and posers, was host to  the final Comenius meeting from May 1st to 8th. The topic of this great event and the theme of the project was Multiculturalism – the Wealth of Diversity.
With the best possible weather conditions delegations from Frankfurt, Nikosia, Thassos, Huelva and Lübeck met in the lovely city of Venice to present their final projects on the current topic of the Comenius idea.

While our teachers, Mr. Flittiger, Ms Wessin, Mr. Schulz and Mr. Clement went to their hotel in the centre of Venice, our host students Marco and Phillipo took us on a boat trip with one of their friends´ boats through Venice and the lagoon.
After such a nice welcoming trip we went to our host students` homes and moved into our rooms, which were very well equipped: Marble bathrooms and  a view on the famous Rialto Bridge  showed that we were going to live in quite well-off furrier and glassblower families.

Basilica San Marco
Doge's Palace

Before the first meeting with the other participating delegations we had the chance to see what Italian school is like. The scientifically orientated  Liceo Benedetti (Grammar School) located in the centre of Venice surprised us with pure excathedra lecturing in pretty much all subjects.
At the following first Comenius meeting we were shown the school building with well-equipped computer- and Chemistry rooms and planned our own presentations for Wednesday.
Many adventurous trips through the city gave us a hint of the flair of this metropolis of culture. Wandering about the old town  often ended in a blind alley or at the bank of a canal or in complete disorientation, which was worsened by the fact that we did not get ourselves a sufficient map of the city until the third day of the stay.

Venetian canal
Typical venetian food

Tuesday was the last day to prepare  Wednesday´s presentation to which important officials of the school authorities were expected to come. In addition to that we were invited to the Townhall by a representative of the town of Venice, who showed us around the ancient town hall and gave us a warm welcome and many interesting information about the city itself.

On top of that  we got the chance to see an exhibition of Charles Darwin and his theory of the evolution of species in the UNESCO Building where Marco`s mother  worked.
At night the teachers and organizers of the Comenius meeting met in a traditional restaurant to socialize. The students at the same time met at a popular pizza place and got to know each other.

Greek students at a pizza place

Pizza Frutti di Mare

On Wednesday the presentations started at 10 o`clock in the aula of Liceo Benedetti.The headmistress of the school welcomed all participants of the project. Unfortunately in Italian.
Despite some technical problems the following three hours were filled with lots of information about projects in Comenius schools like the situation of foreign workers on a Spanish strawberry field, the history of the Armenian people in Venice, and the influence of the Turkish language on Greek .

After the presentations there was a huge buffet waiting for the audience and the exchange of gifts was carried out.
In the afternoon the whole group went on a trip to the Armenian island of Lazaro a few kilometres from the town center of Venice. A guide told us about the history and the religion of this minority.

Armenian island San Lazarro

The last evening with the other participating students was spent on the Piazza de San Margharita where young Venetian people meet and socialize. Eating nice Pizza and drinking Spritz, a traditional Venetian beverage, we talked about the impressions gained and good or bad experinces made.
The following day we left Venice in the afternoon with temperatures around 30° and a cloudless sky.

To put it all in a nutshell we had an interesting week full of informative meetings with many nice people. This week will surely not be forgotten.

Students from Frankfurt, Cyprus, Greece and Luebeck at Liceo Benedetti

Sven Mühlschlegel and Felix Mohr
May 27-2009
Bildergalerie der I.E.S. San Sebastian  in Huelva


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