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Studienbesuch in Nicosia/Zypern (05. - 08.11.2007) Zu Gast bei Aphrodite

Study visit in Nicosia/Cyprus from November 5th to 8th,2007 Program (pdf-file)

Students and Teachers from the Comenius Partner Schools

Aphrodite's guests

Cyprus -  the island where the froth of the  waves once gave birth to Aphrodite. Cypriotic hospitality and  November days like  summer: The Philips European Hellenic School  of Nicosia hosting the annual meeting of the Comenius partnership project "Multiculturalism".

Professor Philippos Constantinou, President of the Philips College, and Dr. Eleni Constantinou - Chrysostomidou, Headmaster of the Philips European Hellenic School

In the course of  3 work sessions which were held first in the rooms of Philips School, then on the premises of nearby Philips College from November 6th to 8th, 2007, results of the current project work were presented and new undertakings and dates for further meetings were agreed upon - a task which turned out to be not easy.

Coordinator Giovanni Florian with students from Francfort and Nicosia and the delegation from Luebeck.

A big thank you goes to the conference host, Eleana Mourouzi , and the management of both school and college.
Not only while having conference sessions, during which students of Philips School turned each coffee break into a culinary experience, but also when sightseeing or going out for evening activities did our hosts not only fully meet our expectations but went far beyond:
The historic museum and the collection of icons, initiated by Archbishop Makarios III, the mosque near Larnaka, and last but not least, the traditional Cypriotic meze will always stay in our memories.

Multiculturalism needs to be lived and experienced: visiting the occupied Turkish-Cypriotic
section of Nicosia rounded off our impressions, and the multitude of languages spoken at the  conference and in the more informal activities were proof of what inter-cultural communication and enrichment can live up to.

Students of Philips European Hellenic School 

Staying in hotels near  the ancient city centre the visiting Comenius partners - from Luebeck: coordinator Susan Wessin, headmaster Peter Flittiger, and Winfried Harz - found easy access to the treasures of the historic centre - not to forget the new perspectives gained from the viewing platform of the Ledra tower department store.

Most delegations used the free day after arriving for excursions in  rented cars, following  excellent roads and , obviously, driving on the left, via Limassol to Paphos, getting a multitude of impressions of the various  phases of Cypriotic history: the  Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Venetians, Osmans, and finally the British; they all left their characteristic marks behind.

Kolossi Tower near Limassol, built in 1454 by the Grand Commander of the order of St. John of Jerusalem
World famous mosaic floors, Paphos (3rd century AD)

Bathing in the sea at Aphrodite's rock is supposed to be rejuvenating - maybe there is indeed some truth in the ancient legend!

Winfried Harz
Photos: © W. Harz/S. Wessin


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